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Wilmer Leonardo Useche (Cúcuta, Colombia 1984)  Fine Artist and Architect (University of Pamplona 2007), since the beginning of his career he has had an interest in exploring the close relationship between art and architecture, although he has experimented with engraving, photography and painting, drawing has been the main axis of his work, not only as a preparatory tool within a creative process, but as an end that contains itself.

His work continually combines apparently opposing elements, but which in the process end up reaching a certain balance, such as abstraction and figuration, the ordered and the random, the measured and the baroque, the classic and the contemporary. Much of his work is made on such a traditional and fragile material as paper, but always using banal or conventional materials such as pens or markers.

He has exhibited regularly since 2005 in museums, galleries and institutional spaces in Colombia and abroad, both collectively and individually, such as the Museo de Inmigrantes de Buenos Aires (MUNTREF), the Museo Nacional de Colombia as part of the Bienal Sur, or the Museo de Arte Moderno de Bucaramanga and Pamplona. Regional salons such as SRA XVI and SRA XVII, commercial galleries such as the José Amar Gallery in Medellín or the Feria del Millón version 2020. He has also received various awards such as the nomination for the Eeckman Prize 2020, the nomination for the Sara Modiano Prize for the Arts VII or the "Salón del Agua" Award in versions XI and XII.

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